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hp d530 SFF Here's some more information that may help when you have a blown d530 SSF power supply (PDP-124P).

How to remove a PDP124P PSU from an HP Compaq d530 SFF desktop PC
Repair Notes (technical)

Use a d530 motherboard in a standard ATX case?

The d530 SFF uses a standard micro-ATX format mothebroard. Such a board would fit correctly in a full size ATX case, even to the point that the screw holes align properly. If you're thinking of doing so, read on...

Be warned - the d530 system board was designed to be used with its tray. Not only does the tray provide a matching I/O backplate, it also provides heatsinking for the transistors on the underside of the motherboard, via a heat transfer pad. The transistors are part of a buck converter, which transforms 12 volts down to the voltage required by the Intel Pentium 4 CPU. Should these transistors be allowed to overheat, they may fail; a more likely scenario would see them generate enough heat to cause the capacitors to leak (aka capacitor rot, capacitor plague, etc), which would let unregulated voltages damage the CPU.

If you can manage to find a way of fitting a suitable heatsink, then by all means put the d530 motherboard in a standard ATX case. Otherwise, putting it in a new ATX case with no suitable heatsinking may simply create future problem.

The poor man's solution

If you urgently need to get a d530 with a blown PSU up and running quickly, you can always connect a standard ATX PSU. Make sure you connect the ATX12v connector - a lot of people forget this - otherwise the system won't boot. You can leave the 'fan command' cable connected if you're leaving the old PSU attached. Without the connection, the system will complain about it when booting. Already removed the d530 PSU? See below for a solution.

The Fan Command connection

Near the DDR SDRAM slots is a 2-pin header for the 'Fan Command' connection. This lets the motherboard throttle the d530 PSU fan in unison with the other fans (HDD and CPU). If left unconnected, a message will appear during POST.

If you have installed the board in a normal ATX case, you can trick the system by bridging the pins with a 10K ohm resistor.


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