HP Compaq Evo d510 PDP117P 175-Watt PFC Power supply unit repair

HP Compaq d510 Small Form Factor Desktop PC Compaq's d510 SFF desktop PCs use a proprietary power supply with a non-standard 14-pin connection to the motherboard. The power supply has active power factor correction (active PFC) built in to improve efficiency and reduce load on the electricity grid. An inherent advantage of active PFC gives the PSU auto-ranging capabilities, and the same power supply can be used in all parts of the world.

Unlike its younger (and newer) sister, the d530 SFF, the d510's power supply is integral to the structure of the case, and it is not possible to easily plug in a standard ATX power supply to get it up and running after a failure.


175 Watt Power Supply
Input: 100-240 2.7A 50-60Hz
Output: +5v 8A, +3.3v 12A, +12v 3A, -12v 0.3A, 12.8v 7.50A, 5.05v AUX 2.4A, 3.3v AUX 1A

Its relatively low capacity (only 175 watts) means that expansion and upgrades are fairly limited. As such the PC only allows for a CD-ROM drive, 2 PCI and an AGP card to be added. Having said that, if the BIOS is upgraded to the latest version, an Intel Pentium 4 at 3.0 GHz with Hyper Threading is supported. In practice, such an upgrade would be far from worthwhile as the system board only supports DDR 266.

Failures and faults
As described on the hp d530 SFF PSU page, the PSUs for some d510SFF systems also suffer the same problem with conductive glue. Whilst the d530 had passive PFC, the active PFC on the 274427-001 PSU makes it more fragile and susceptible to poor workmanship, and complicates matters further when a fault develops.

Part Numbers

HP Compaq d510 274427-001 Power supply unit Also known under the following names:
HP/Compaq EVO PDP117P HP-U176WF3 (243891-002) 175-Watt PFC Power Supply

Model: HP-U176WF3 / PDP117P
Part No: 243891-002
Compaq Spare No: 274427-001

Repair or replace?

HP will charge approximately $100 AUD for replacements, and depending on the age of the PC, this will not be economical, as the cost of the replacement PSU may be as high as the value of a complete, fully working secondhand replacement PC.

If you are interested in having the PSUs repaired for half the cost of what HP are charging for replacements, you can make an enquiry using the contact details on the home page.

Turnaround is usually a day or two per 4 computers. Discounts will be considered for bulk lots. If you are in metro Melbourne, You can send/deliver the entire PC to us for repair.

Preventative Maintenance

We also offer preventative maintenance to d510 SFF PCs, many of which have the problem waiting to happen. If you will be moving or purchasing large quantities of these PCs, we offer a preventative maintenance service to ensure that the power supplies do not succumb to the explosive failure upon application of mains power. Preventative maintenance only needs to be performed once on the power supplies which have not been serviced before.

Our rates are just a fraction of the cost of repair or replacement. Contact us for more information.



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